About Responsible Screens - An Android Screen Time App

The Responsible Screens program was developed out of the concern that we had with our teenagers spending too much time on their devices. In many cases, this concern turned into frustration and ended up in arguments. These arguments were over things like not getting chores done, not completing homework assignments, not going to sleep at a decent hour and not spending time with the rest of the family.

We looked at some screen time apps that had the potential to help this situation, but all of these apps were focused on guarding our children and being very controlling. We viewed this as managing the symptoms and not truly solving the problem. We recognize that technology is here to stay and will only increase in the future. Cell phones and tablets are very useful devices with countless benefits and have transformed our world, but we believe that our capacity to use them responsibly has lagged far behind. We wanted to develop a program that would help parents teach their children to become responsible screen users, and to live healthier, well-balanced lives.

The Responsible Screens program includes plans and ideas that parents can use for new screen users (young children) and experienced screen users (teenagers). The program uses the Responsible Screens App as a starting point to structure the time our children spend on their devices. Then there are strategies and ideas that can be used by parents to teach their children about alternative activities apart from technology.

Why Responsible Screens is the Best Screen Time App for Parents

What makes Responsible Screens the best screen time app for parents is that it enables you to supervise your child’s screen use in a healthy, non-controlling way. While providing ideas you can use to teach your child how to manage their time, it can also be a valuable source for teaching parents how to become models of a responsible screen user.

At Responsible Screens, when it comes to your child’s screen time habits we believe in mentoring over monitoring. Taking the time to understand why and how your child is using electronic devices can help you tailor the ideas and strategies our app provides to your child’s wants and needs. Our Android screen time app is easy to use, and enables parents to base the Responsible Screens program entirely around their child’s day-to-day schedule, age, screen use experience and more.

Unique Screen Time Management Programs to Fit Your Family

Responsible Screens offers two different plans to best fit your child’s age and experience with technology:

  • New Screen User Program - This plan is for parents with children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. This is when many children begin to watch programs on their parents’ smartphones and tablets and may even begin to play games. While children around this age haven’t been too exposed to screens, it is the perfect opportunity for parents to begin teaching children about screen time. Modeling a responsible screen user is easily one of the most important things a parent can do, and our new user program can show you how. Start teaching children about screen time early on so that they can grow to be self-responsible screen users and avoid the many dangers technology can present.
  • Experienced Screen User Program - Our experienced screen user plan is designed for children 6 years old and above. Oftentimes, we see kids in this age group finding every opportunity to use their devices. Our Android screen time app is the perfect tool for parents looking to limit their experienced user’s smartphone and tablet time. Parents teaching children about screen time will have a variety of capabilities at their disposal with our app. From a master time limit you can set up to limit your child’s access to the apps on their devices, to categorized time limits that enable parents to limit screen time based on social media, games and more.

The Responsible Screens app for parents teaching children about screen time is designed to benefit both children and parents alike. Rather than treating your child’s screen time habits as an “addiction,” our program empowers children by educating them and providing them with facts about the potential dangers of technology and allowing them to make their own decisions. We believe that is what sets our Android screen time app apart from others.

How You Can Begin Teaching Your Children About Screen Time

The main objective of Responsible Screens is to educate children, teenagers and families to become responsible screen users and find a healthy balance between technology and the other parts of their lives. We want everyone to be able to control the technology and not let it control them. Sign-up for our program to find strategies and ideas to help become responsible screen users. We invite you to begin a partnership with us in helping your children have a much fuller life.

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