Responsible Screens Nonprofit Partnerships

The Responsible Screens screen time app and program are designed to help parents limit and monitor their children’s screen time while also educating kids on important life skills such as time management, communication, socialization and more. Responsible Screens empowers children to become responsible technology users so that they can avoid the potential dangers of too much screen use, and so that parents can rest assured knowing their kids are being safe online. Our goal is to help kids understand the potential dangers of too much screen time, how to manage their time using technology and help them develop healthy habits that allow them to live well-balanced lives with technology.

As not only a screen time app for families but also an educational program, we’re proud to partner with nonprofit organizations to provide a tool that can help families develop a healthy technology and life balance in their homes.

Nonprofit Donations for Partnering with Our Android Screen Time Program

By partnering with Responsible Screens, non-profit organizations can receive a $5 donation for each family that signs up under a specific organization. This isn’t only a one-time donation. For each year that the family resigns-up, the non-profit will continue to receive the $5 donation. See how your nonprofit can partner with Responsible Screens in helping families become responsible screen users.

Explore Some of Our Nonprofit Partners

We’ve had the chance to work with exceptional nonprofits and look forward to working with you. Learn more about some of the organizations we are happy to partner with to help create healthy technology use in households:

Non-Profit Partners 

 St. Ludmila Parish
 Learn more about our Non-Profit Partner, St. Ludmila Parish!


 St. Jude Catholic Church
 Learn more about our Non-Profit Partner, St. Jude Catholic Church!


 St. Pius Catholic Church
 Learn more about our Non-Profit Partner, St. Pius Catholic Church!

How Our Educational Android App Teaches Children Healthy Screen Time Use

Responsible Screens not only limits screen time for children, but is also an educational tool that can be used to teach kids time management with technology from an early age. We’ve created a program for children of all ages, offering a new screen user program and an experienced screen user program. Whether a child is brand new to technology or has been using it for years, we’re here to help them become well-rounded individuals who can live healthy lives balancing technology and other activities.

Many young people today are used to being around screens and have a hard time being without them. Early childhood development is critical because as we grow older, it can become harder to change. Unless, as parents and adults, we show children that there are alternatives to video games and social media, they will likely turn to technology for entertainment. This can be dangerous as there are many potential side effects of too much screen use, including:

  • Trouble sleeping - Many kids take their phone or tablet to bed with them. Using devices at night actually affects sleep. Devices provide entertainment, keep us company, and keep kids awake. The bright light makes us more alert, and using technology requires brain activity leading to less sleep.
  • Poor academic performance - Some students spend too much time on devices for entertainment when they should spend that time doing homework. This can lead to poor grades and result in being behind academically which can impact them going into the future.
  • Less time with family and friends - Too much technology can become consuming. It significantly decreases family time and face-to-face interactions.
  • Lack of social skills - Kids who spend too much time on devices often isolate themselves, missing out on games and playtime with friends leading to less face-to-face interactions and social skills.
  • Poor self-image and body image issues - Social media platforms among other things show and promote unrealistic expectations of how we should look. Kids often compare themselves to what they see on these platforms and can experience low-self esteem and feelings of inferiority.
  • Obesity - If kids are spending a lot of time using technology, it is likely they aren’t getting enough physical activity from playing outside, sports, or exercise. We put a heavy focus on teaching kids time management so that they can enjoy technology and live healthier lives.

Our goal is to help families balance their lives with screens and technology. We emphasize the importance of finding non-screen activities children can take part in on their own or that families can do together. It not only keeps children safe from the dangers listed above, but can bring families closer together. This is something we relate closely to because like many, we are also parents who have had our battles with technology and have seen how it can affect children. In fact, that is why we created the Responsible Screens mobile app and program. Our family has experienced the same difficulties many families do as they try to create a healthy technology balance in their homes, and we are here to help.

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Join us in educating children, teens and families to become responsible screen users. We can help them enjoy healthy lives balanced with technology. If you’re interested in partnering with Responsible Screens, contact us now by filling out the form below.