How to Sign Up for the Responsible Screens Screen Time Program for Families

With our Android screen time app, parents can easily monitor their child’s screen use from their mobile device. Our app is completely customizable to your family’s needs and designed to be used as an educational tool for your child. With our app, your child will develop the knowledge to use their devices wisely along with skills that will last a lifetime. Choose Responsible Screens, the best screen time app for parents, and teach your child to live a healthy, well-balanced life.

Getting started with our Android screen time app takes only a few quick steps. Follow the guide below to set up your account and download our app today.

Step 1: Create Your Account

The benefits of choosing our Android screen time app to monitor your child’s screen time will not only impact your children in a positive way, but your entire family. Responsible Screens was created to bring families closer through improved verbal communication, providing ways to enjoy non-screen time together, and helping parents avoid arguments with their children over the use of screen time.

Creating a Responsible Screens account is simple and when you do, you’re not just signing up to monitor your child’s phone use - you’re on the path to helping teach your children how to be responsible technology users.

Create An Account

Step 2: Complete Your Profile & Submit Payment Information

Once you’ve set up your account, simply add your child’s devices to your program. We have 3 payment offers to choose from based on your child’s age and experience using technology. With Responsible Screens, you will always have the option to update your account settings and payment details. Learn more about our payment options today.

Step 3: Setup Your Custom Program Settings

Our screen time app for parents will give you the ability to manage the exact time your child can spend on categories like games, movies, social apps and more. If you’re using Responsible Screens for multiple children, you can choose different settings for different children and devices. This capability is especially useful for parents who want to use our screen time app for children of different ages as our app allows you to customize for your teen and pre-teen differently as you see fit.

Step 4: Download the App on Your Device and Your Children's Devices

After customizing the program, download our android screen time app to your and your children’s devices. You will then be able to connect their devices to your newly created custom program in your account.

Download the App

Step 5: Start Learning!

At Responsible Screens, it’s important for us to not simply offer a tool parents can use to control their children’s screen time, but one that is also educational and beneficial to the entire family. This program makes it easy for parents and kids to talk about time management and the benefit of limiting screen use, empowering them to become safe and responsible screen users. Our screen time app for parents allows you to check your child’s screen time for different categories, and talk to them about managing time spent on their devices. This will enable them to prioritize important digital tasks like homework over video games, social platforms, or whatever activity it may be.


Frequently Asked Questions about Responsible Screens

What devices is Responsible Screens compatible with?

Our screen monitoring app is compatible with all Android phones. We offer two different plans to best fit your child’s age and experience with technology. Download it today!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time. We make it quick and easy for parents to sign up for Responsible Screens, as well as cancel a subscription.

Can I change my subscription after I purchase the program?

Yes, you will be able to change your subscription at any time. With three different subscription options, we want to enable parents to discover which works best for them by giving the opportunity to try and update if necessary. Learn more about our pricing options.

Will I be charged for each device I add to the account?

No! There is one flat fee per month for up to 12 devices within your family account.