Responsible Screens Program: An Android Screen Time App for Parents & Kids

Our goal at Responsible Screens is to educate families on how to use technology responsibly by helping them establish plans and strategies that will guide them. This is accomplished by providing educational materials, ideas and support to help parents not just limit screen time, but also teach their children to balance life and technology. We believe that if children (and their parents) can learn to find balance with technology, they will become well-balanced people.

The Responsible Screens Program and app main purpose is to limit screen time for kids but they also can help shift your child’s screen time habits, enable you to better understand how and why they use it and monitor their screen time in a positive, educational way. While there are general recommended screen times for kids, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to managing your child’s screen time. Our screen time app for parents and kids offers flexible programs based on the technology experience level of your child to best relate to their habits and needs, making it easy and convenient to teach children about screen time.

Why It’s Important to Teach Children About Screen Time

The world of technology is incredible in so many ways, but at the same time potentially dangerous to inexperienced users. Your child could be exposed to violence, sexual content, substance abuse, advertisements aimed toward kids, and many more negative influences that your child may not be prepared for. Along with these influences, too much screen time can take away from other activities children need in order to stay healthy mentally and physically.

The Responsible Screens Program helps children manage healthy, well-balanced lives where technology can continue to play a major role in their day-to-day activities, while also ensuring things like exercise, reading, and face-to-face interaction are in your child’s life.

What Makes the Responsible Screens Program & App Different?

The purpose of the Responsible Screens Program and mobile app to limit screen time for kids is not to control your child’s screen time, but instead educate them on how to manage their time to create a well-balanced life. This in turn will help children stay healthy, perform well in school, improve communication skills and even live happier lives as they grow into adults.

While there are other screen time monitoring apps available, we believe the Responsible Screens app is truly the best screen time app for parents, because it’s all about teaching children the lifelong lesson of time management with technology. The Responsible Screens app benefits both parents and their children in many ways. Our app enables parents to supervise their kid’s screen time while empowering them to manage and prioritize that time. Parents will also learn how to model responsible screen use in front of their kids. It can even benefit entire families by creating more verbal communication and non-screen time together.

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About Our App to Limit Screen Time for Kids

The Responsible Screens App can be used by families to restrict the overall screen use in the household. There are three main functions parents can utilize to supervise their child’s screen time while teaching them to better manage and prioritize their available screen time. They include:

  1. A Master Time Limit that will start and end an allotted time for when apps can be used. For example, parents can start at 6:00am and end at 9:00pm. Between 9:00pm and 6:00am, the apps are not available.
  2. App Time Limits: Parents can put apps into categories and then limit the time each day that those apps can be used. Once the time limit has been met, the apps in the category will no longer be available for use.
  3. Suspend Categories: Parents can suspend a category, making it unavailable for their child’s use until that category is unsuspended.

How to Choose the Best Screen Time App for You

When choosing an app to limit screen time for kids, it’s important to choose the app that best aligns with the recommended screen time for kids at all ages. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recently updated their recommended screen time for kids based on the widespread use of media by kids and families. These can be used by families to ensure their children aren’t being negatively affected from an overuse of technology.

Parents searching for apps to limit screen time for kids should also ensure it can be used in a way to help children, and not simply limit them. Being a responsible screen user is impossible without experience and education. The Responsible Screens app can provide this important concept for families. By empowering children and giving them the option to use screen time with the regulations our app provides, it will help shift them from overuse habits to having the ability to manage their screen time in a productive way. If your child has limited screen time to either play video games or complete homework, they will learn to prioritize that time for completing homework. Then, if there is available time leftover, to enjoy playing video games.

Empower Your Children to Prioritize Their Time with Responsible Screens

At Responsible Screens, it is our mission to educate children and parents on the potential dangers of too much screen time so that they can go on to live healthy, well balanced lives. Visit us at Responsible Screens, or sign-up for our program to find strategies and ideas to help become responsible screen users.