Screen Free Night Information

Responsible Screens promotes one Screen Free Night per week. This is a night where a family decides to put away their screens and do activities as a family unit. The goal of Screen Free Night is to not use screens for four hours but instead use that time for non-screen activities These non-essential activities include visiting social media sites, playing games, shopping or anything that distracts you from spending quality time with your family. You can still answer essential calls on your phone if you need to, especially if you need your phone for your job.

We have an extensive list of ideas for activities that you can do together. These activities include taking walks together, playing card or board games, reading together, cooking together and many more. We want to help break the technology routine, promote personal interaction and bring families together again.

The weeknight that it falls on each week will be decided upon by the family. The purpose of signing your family up is to stand together and support each other to turn technology off for four hours a night, one night a week. We want as many families as possible to sign up every week as there is strength in numbers. In addition, your family can earn a free month of service if you sign up for thirty Screen Free Nights within the year of your sign-up date.

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